HIPAA Consultants Video Training coursesHIPAA-Associates deliver HIPAA compliance solutions for health systems, hospitals, healthcare providers, health benefit plans, universities and business associates


HIPAA-Associates has extensive experience in the following: 

  1. HIPAA Compliance Consulting
  2. HIPAA Risk Analysis
  3. Drafting or review and revision of HIPAA Privacy and Security Policies and Procedures
  4. Creating and implementing HIPAA Training and Inservice Programs
  5. Investigation and response to privacy complaints
  6. On-site HIPAA audits and risk assessments
  7. Investigation and response to Office for Civil Rights investigations
  8. HITECH Breach investigation, analysis, patient notification and HHS reporting
  9. Drafting and negotiating Business Associate Agreements

Policies, Procedures and TrainingHIPAA-Associates will create or coordinate your HIPAA program with policies, procedures and training customized for you and your organization.
HIPAA and HITECH Compliance triningHIPAA-Associates assist with complex HIPAA issues with our understanding of  regulatory requirements and the healthcare environment.
Training Courses, In-Services and LecturesHIPAA-Associates offer training courses,
 in-services and lectures through in person, virtual, webinar and self-training modules.
Medical Privacy Compliance SolutionsHIPAA-Associates develop computer-based training modules for hospitals, private practices, hospital-based provider groups and business associates.


HIPAA-Associates are legal and medical professionals and speak your language. We can assess the needs of your organization.