"I was so impressed with your command of such a complex and complicated subject."

The best way to deal with a HIPAA violation is to avoid it in the first place.

Efficiently, effectively train & update your staff on HIPAA compliance with our expert training. Your protection can begin today by taking that first step.

Training for health professionals, by health professionals.

What do you do in the case of a breach? Do you know all the important rules for breach reporting? Find out from the experts.

HIPAA Web Based Courses

Our HIPAA Training is essential for any individual seeking to work with employers or organizations that handle protected health information (PHI). This training program will certify you have completed the appropriate training as expected under HIPAA. The program is designed with multiple clinical scenarios that will prepare you for your work in health care. This program was created by our well-known HIPAA experts.

  • Courses available through our educational platform.
  • A HIPAA training certificate is issued upon completion of the program.
  • This certificate is valid for two years.

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HIPAA Web Based Courses for Team Training

Our training programs for organizations have been used effectively to train small, medium and large health care organizations. Any company that handles protected health information must train all of their employees to comply with HIPAA regulations. Our programs are geared to address both HIPAA Privacy and Security provisions as required by law.

We will help you with the following obligations:
  • We provide a HIPAA training program for all of your employees using clinical and administrative scenarios that makes these concepts easy to understand.
  • We will assist you in implementing a process to continuously monitor the training of all of your staff. We provide regular updates through our HIPAA ABCs.
  • We will train your privacy or compliance officer to ensure they are familiar with all regulations to supervise HIPAA compliance at your institution.
  • HIPAA Compliance Plans


I am so impressed with your command of such a complex and complicated subject! I appreciated the information being presented in an accessible way.

Heather Turner

Executive Director NAMI of Hamilton County

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