"I was so impressed with your command of such a complex and complicated subject."

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The best way to deal with a HIPAA violation is to avoid it in the first place.

Efficiently, effectively train and update your staff on HIPAA compliance with our expert training. Your protection can begin today by taking that first step.

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Have you or your organization prepared for HIPAA? If you handle protected health information (PHI) or work for someone who does, you must be ready to work with the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

Have you created policies and procedures to protect PHI? Have you trained yourself and your staff? Have you had breaches that must be reported? We are here to help you.

Our healthcare experts have extensive HIPAA experience from their work in the healthcare industry. They have the legal experience to know the law inside and out and have the practical experience to understand how it affects patients and healthcare professionals. We are the HIPAA experts, healthcare professionals seek for their HIPAA plans, training and breach reporting.

HIPAA Associates Can Help

HIPAA Associates is dedicated to helping healthcare providers and organizations with all aspects of the HIPAA Privacy Rule. With our experience we can assist you with privacy compliance plans, breaches, gap analysis and training for your organization.

HIPAA Resources

HIPAA Resources are available to all covered entities and business associates. Get valuable information about HIPAA Privacy and Security by following the link below.

HIPAA Privacy Rule

The Privacy Rule established standards for the protection of health information. The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued the Privacy Rule to implement the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). The Privacy Rule establishes standards for individuals’ privacy rights to help them control the use of their health information. One of the goals of the Privacy Rule is to assure proper protection of individuals’ health information while allowing the necessary flow of health information to provide and promote health care and to safeguard health and well-being.

The Privacy Rule applies to health plans, health care clearinghouses and to any health care provider who transmits health information. The Rule affects business associates and entities that perform certain functions on behalf of covered entities that involve protected health information. These organizations are expected to develop their HIPAA Privacy compliance plans and train their staff.

HIPAA Associates have been in the business of HIPAA consulting and training since the Privacy Rule went into effect. We have assisted many large organizations in developing their HIPAA Privacy programs and have trained their employees.

Our HIPAA Courses

Who Benefits

Compliance Training is perfect for all healthcare professionals who must have working knowledge of the HIPAA Privacy Rule and use protected health information. It will describe the HIPAA Regulations and explain why they are important.

Privacy Basics Training in Spanish for healthcare workers.

Doctors, nurses, clinics, hospital personnel, nursing homes, mental health professionals, pharmacies, hospice, durable medical equipment, volunteers, medical students

Health Information Management is ideal for all personnel involved in the management and protection of digital and traditional medical information. It will give the individual a solid background of HIPAA as it affects HIM.

Medical record personnel, EMR personnel, medical record storage

IT Security helps IT professionals to prepare them with working knowledge of the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules. This will give a good background to participate in the protection of electronic protected health information.

EMR personnel, IT professionals

Business Associates is for companies and professionals who must work with protected health information on behalf of a covered entity. This is essential knowledge for business associates compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

Medical billing, collection agencies, attorneys, consultants, medical couriers, software companies, answering services

Created for Healthcare Professionals

Created by a nationally recognized expert

Our staff - Certified in Privacy and Compliance

HIPAA certificate available on completing course

Clinical scenarios

Available to finish for 90 days

Guaranteed certificate (unlimited retakes)

Spanish version available

Certificate available in 1.5 hrs.

Take from the comfort of your home - at your pace

Courses begin at $29.50

Certification of Completion

Our HIPAA Training Programs

Take your first step by following the links below!

HIPAA Web Based Courses

Our HIPAA Training is essential for any individual seeking to work with employers or organizations that handle protected health information (PHI). This training program will certify you have completed the appropriate training as expected under HIPAA. The program is designed with multiple clinical scenarios that will prepare you for your work in health care. This program was created by our well-known HIPAA experts.

  • Courses available through our educational platform.
  • A HIPAA training certificate is issued upon completion of the program.
  • This certificate is valid for two years.

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HIPAA Web Based Courses for Team Training

Our training programs for organizations have been used effectively to train small, medium and large health care organizations. Any company that handles protected health information must train all of their employees to comply with HIPAA regulations. Our programs are geared to address both HIPAA Privacy and Security provisions as required by law.

We will help you with the following obligations:
  • We provide a HIPAA training program for all of your employees using clinical and administrative scenarios that makes these concepts easy to understand.
  • We will assist you in implementing a process to continuously monitor the training of all of your staff. We provide regular updates through our HIPAA ABCs.
  • We will train your privacy or compliance officer to ensure they are familiar with all regulations to supervise HIPAA compliance at your institution.
  • HIPAA Compliance Plans

HIPAA Consulting & Breach Reporting

We can help you with HIPAA Consulting, Compliance Plans and Breaches.

Get help from the experts in the field. We have assisted organizations with HIPAA for over 18 years. We can help you and your organization. Contact us today.

Do you have a HIPAA compliance plan with policies and procedures? If you do, have you recently reviewed your compliance plans, policies and procedures? When engaged for HIPAA consulting services we will review and revise your plan to assure compliance with HIPAA Rules and best practices. If you don’t have a compliance plan we will draft a plan with policies and procedures that offers complete coverage of the privacy, security and HITECH requirements. Have your reported breaches? We can help you do it the right way, to protect your organization.


I am so impressed with your command of such a complex and complicated subject! I appreciated the information being presented in an accessible way.

Heather Turner

Executive Director NAMI of Hamilton County

"I am impressed by their work. it shows regular updating regarding a fast moving target.

Paule Asch, Ph.D.

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