About Us

HIPAA Training and Consulting

Mary training staff on HIPAA

Our Mission Statement:

“HIPAA Associates uses a unique blend of knowledge and experience to provide accessible HIPAA training and consulting services to all who must comply with the HIPAA Regulations.”

HIPAA Associates has extensive experience in the following:

  • Consultants on the HIPAA Rule – we will answer your questions
  • HIPAA security risk analysis
  • Privacy and security policies and procedures for HIPAA
  • HIPAA compliance training
  • Investigation and response to HIPAA complaints
  • On-site HIPAA audits
  • Investigation and response to Office for Civil Rights investigations
  • Breach investigation, analysis, individual notification and Office for Civil Rights reporting
  • Business Associate Agreements

Policies, Procedures, and Training

HIPAA Associates will create or coordinate your HIPAA program with policies, procedures and training customized for you and your organization.

We Offer Expert Help

HIPAA Associates assists with complex HIPAA issues due to our understanding of regulatory requirements in the health care environment.

Training Courses and Continuing Education

HIPAA Associates offers HIPAA training, continuing education and topical lectures through in-person, virtual, webinar and self-training modules.

Training Modules

HIPAA Associates develops web-based training modules for hospitals, private practices, hospital-based provider groups and business associates.

Expertise with HIPAA

For over a decade, our professionals have provided HIPAA consulting to large multi-hospital organizations and smaller companies nationally. Since the advent of HIPAA we have trained thousands of healthcare providers in person or through our web-based platform. Most important, we have the needed expertise and up to date knowledge of the HIPAA rule. Furthermore, we will provide you with expert HIPAA consulting and meaningful HIPAA training for your organization.

Prepare for Privacy Breaches

Of major concern, are you prepared to deal with a Privacy Breach? Most of all, do you know what to do if you receive a letter from the OCR regarding a presumed breach? In fact, our professionals have helped countless providers and organizations prepare and respond effectively to such situations. Without question, we can help your company navigate the breach reporting process to help minimize the risk to you.

Implement a Training Program

Above all, the best way to prepare for a HIPAA breach is to be proactive and implement a thorough training program crafted by professionals who are familiar with the requirements of the OCR. In addition, we can assist in the training of all members of your workforce regardless of their function. As a matter of fact, our professionals have trained thousands of healthcare providers for large multi-hospital corporations and small organizations. In addition, we also offer HIPAA training for Spanish speaking associates.

Most important of all, HIPAA Associates are legal and medical professionals who speak your language. We understand the needs of your organization.