HIPAA Privacy and Security Training

HIPAA Privacy And Security Training
Privacy and Security Training

HIPAA privacy and security training is available for all entities responsible for protected health information (PHI) such as covered entities or business associates.  It is critical that all who handle PHI are trained in the key aspects of the Privacy,  Security and Breach Notification Rules.

Web-Based HIPAA Privacy and Security Training
We create training modules tailored for your needs.

HIPAA requires that all members of the workforce of covered entities and business associates have training on the HIPAA privacy and security policies that affect their job. We are prepared to assist you with our web-based platform available to all of your staff.

Who should be trained:

  • Healthcare Providers
  • Healthcare Plans
  • Healthcare Clearinghouses
  • Health Insurance Companies
  • Health Information Management
  • Business Associates
  • Business Associate Subcontractors

HIPAA Associates web-based training provides required HIPAA training and is available 24 hours per day. Our program tracks progress, issues a Certificate of Completion to each attendee and delivers training reports.

HIPAA Associates provides regular updates at no charge through our popular HIPAA ABCs.

On-Site HIPAA Training

Mary Lopez delivers on-site HIPAA training that resonates with health care providers. HIPAA rules and policies are explained with use of scenarios, tips and best practices. Ms. Lopez has delivered hundreds of live training presentations to hospitals, practices and business associates.

She has assisted in the creation of HIPAA compliance plans for multiple organizations and is an expert in investigations and breach reporting to the OCR.

We are the experts health care companies choose.

We have been in the business of HIPAA compliance prior to its implementation and have trained thousands of health care workers in multiple corporations. We have earned the respect and admiration of many institutions and are frequently called back.

  • We have been in the business since HIPAA implementation
  • We have educated thousands of health care employees
  • Nationally recognized
  • Competitive pricing

HIPAA Associates will create HIPAA Training with the specific branding and needs of your organization.