HIPAA Training in Spanish

It is important for all Spanish speaking members of the workforce who work with PHI to understand the HIPAA Privacy Rule regardless of their native tongue. To accomplish this, you must learn HIPAA through a carefully crafted HIPAA Spanish Compliance Training Program such as that offered by HIPAA Associates.  Our HIPAA training in Spanish has been created by Spanish speaking healthcare professionals.

The HIPAA Spanish Compliance Training program was created especially for all Spanish speaking individuals who work with protected health information (PHI) while providing healthcare services.

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These training programs were created by professionals with both legal and healthcare backgrounds who have worked with HIPAA since it was first enacted for the healthcare setting. We have worked with large and small entities in the creation of Privacy Compliance Plans and HIPAA Training Programs. This program was created by a native Spanish speaker specifically for your Spanish speaking staff.

HIPAA Certification & the OCR

HIPAA Certification is a term commonly used by many vendors today claiming the ability to certify organizations on HIPAA and make them HIPAA Compliant.  This is a misconception actively addressed by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) with oversight of the HIPAA Regulations.

The Department of Health & Human services (HHS) and OCR have made it clear that in regard to HIPAA certification they do not endorse any private consultants’ or education providers’ seminar, material, or systems, and do not certify any persons or products as “HIPAA compliant.”  The Privacy Rule does not require attendance at any specific seminars.  The OCR has taken a further step and indicated that anyone making false or misleading representations about HHS or OCR in regard to HIPAA training and compliance may be reported to the OCR.

HIPAA Associates does not claim to offer HIPAA certification.  Instead we offer a HIPAA Compliance training program created with the requirements of the HIPAA Privacy Rule in mind.  Our training is based on in-depth knowledge of the law and the benefit of many years of experience working with HIPAA and the OCR.  These courses include information on best practices and cover all of the necessary information you will need to understand the basic concepts of HIPAA. We follow the intent of the OCR in all of our training programs.

Who benefits from our HIPAA Compliance Training?

Spanish speaking nurses, doctors, medical students, physical therapists, medical office staff, dentists, massage therapists, chiropractors, durable medical equipment providers. Essentially anyone who has access to protected health information.

Introduction to HIPAA Spanish Compliance Training

Entrenamiento de Conformidad de HIPAA

HIPAA Training in Spanish Certificate of Completion

HIPAA Spanish Compliance Training Certificate of Completion
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Immediately Available
  • Valid for 2 Years

HIPAA Spanish Compliance Training

  • This course will describe the HIPAA regulations and explain why they are important.
  • There will be case scenarios to help you understand how it affects you in your workplace.
  • The course may be taken at home at your own pace.
  • Created with Spanish healthcare workers in mind.
  • May take it for up to 90 days.
  • A certificate will be available immediately upon completion.

How to take our HIPAA training in Spanish

  • Completion time under 1.5 hrs
  • In Spanish
  • Take online at your own pace
  • Available for 90 days
  • Multiple retakes
  • Guaranteed certificate of completion
HIPAA Requirements

The Topics Covered:

  • Understand the importance of HIPAA
  • Individual’s HIPAA rights
  • Organization’s responsibilities
  • Permissible uses and disclosures
  • HIPAA and state laws
  • Test after each section
  • Certificate of completion
HIPAA Spanish Compliance Training

Our HIPAA Compliance Training program in Spanish will help you and your organization understand all the key features of the HIPAA Privacy rule that applies to covered entities. It is designed for all organizations who manage protected health information and is available to be taken online.

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