Our Team

HIPAA Expert Mary LopezMary Lopez, JD, CHP, CHC

is a nurse-attorney and the principal at HIPAA Associates consulting with a wide range of national healthcare clients.  Ms. Lopez advises clients on HIPAA privacy and security issues and creates compliance plans and educational programs.

She understands the issues after serving as Chief Privacy Officer for several integrated health care systems for over a decade implementing and overseeing HIPAA compliance programs. Ms. Lopez is certified in Healthcare Privacy and Healthcare Compliance and is a regular speaker on HIPAA compliance.  Ms. Lopez is admitted to the bar in Ohio and is a member of the Cincinnati Bar Association, and the American Health Lawyers Association.


Dr. Al LopezAl Lopez, MD, FCCP, CHC

is the chief operations officer for HIPAA Associates.  Dr. Lopez is board certified in internal medicine, pulmonary, and anesthesia and he holds a degree as a medical coding specialist. He is an experienced pulmonary critical care specialist and anesthesiologist and served as a Compliance Director and Privacy Officer for over ten years. He has experience dealing with HIPAA issues in the clinical setting, HIPAA security and operational issues.

Dr. Lopez is certified in Healthcare Compliance and has held various leadership roles within the medical staff and practice corporation.


Stephen CracknellStephen Cracknell, IT Consultant

is the president and Chief Information Officer for US Medical IT. He leads its effort to innovate the health care technology environment in order to improve medical practitioners’ daily operations and better service patients in a more compliant manner. Mr. Cracknell consults with HIPAA Associate clients as needed on IT and security issues.