T is for Technical Safeguards

Technical safeguards are important due to technology advancements in the health care industry. Healthcare organizations are faced with the challenge of protecting electronic protected health information (EPHI), such as electronic health records, from various internal and external risks.

Covered Entity Must Comply

It is important, and therefore required by the Security Rule, for a covered entity to comply with the Technical Safeguard standards and certain implementation specifications; a covered entity may use any security measures that allow it to reasonably and appropriately do so.

Define “The Security Rule”

The Security Rule defines technical safeguards as “the technology and the policy and procedures for its use that protect electronic protected health information and control access to it.”  It is based on the fundamental concepts of flexibility, scalability and technology neutrality. Therefore, no specific requirements for types of technology to implement are identified.

Implementing “The Rule”

The Rule allows the use of security measures that allows it reasonably and appropriately to implement the standards and implementation specifications.  A covered entity must determine which security measures and specific technologies are reasonable and appropriate for implementation in its organization.

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