"I was so impressed with your command of such a complex and complicated subject."

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The best way to deal with a HIPAA

violation is to avoid it in the first place.

Efficiently, effectively train and update your staff on HIPAA compliance

with our expert training. Your protection can begin today by taking that

first step.

The products HIPAA Associates provides

The 6 Best HIPAA Training Programs

One of the best HIPAA training providers based on the types of training offered, the convenience of the training courses, quick access to certificates, and additional support to help businesses keep their employees trained and compliant. "Best for Team Training" The Balance Small Business

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Incredible Suite of Knowledge

Incredible suite of knowledge on HIPAA compliance! HIPAA ABC videos clearly explain elements of compliance that were previously unclear. Phillip

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Great Experience

Great experience with HIPAA Associates. I really enjoy the HIPAA ABC videos and breach reporting tool. ?Good work.   Abigail

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Great to Work With

Dr. Al Lopez is a respected anesthesiologist in Cincinnati who has been a pleasure to work with. Mark

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